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Eggs Inc. – we find power in the willingness to explore every day.



The experience you get from visiting an Eggs Inc. restaurant is joyful and aims to put a smile on every customer’s face. That feeling is something we'll share with the world.

We will unleash the power of eggs for a more energetic everyday life. Healthier fast-food that taste great, cooked with fresh and local eggs, served fast, and that is enjoyed in a soothing environment. Come with a smile and leave with an even bigger one.

When visiting an Eggs Inc. restaurant for the first time, you will be surprised and happy. You’ll feel the tempo and energy without being overwhelmed with stress. We can guarantee a special moment when first exploring our unique egg pizza, or a perfect start to the day with a portion freshly cooked scrambled eggs.

Eggs Inc. is perfect for any time of the day. Every day of the week.

A new way



A happy and comforting restaurant where the food comes fast but leaves you with a joyful feeling that lasts.


Innovative egg-dishes that outsmarts every other fast-food alternative. And of cause, some lovable classics that never goes out of style.


The glass is half full! Always. Let’s not turn every stone in the search for something wrong. Look for opportunities with a smile.


Eggs Inc. – it was a sign

During a walk in central Stockholm, Sweden, Elisabet and Glenn Eriksson stumbled upon a sign. A sign that stood out. A sign that sparked an idea and got their entrepreneurial minds spinning. The sign? It said Eggs Inc.

A couple of weeks later, Elisabet and Glenn had acquired the name Eggs Inc. and with that the concept of Eggs Inc. was born and soon to be ready to take on the challenge in competing with the established giants in the fast-food industry.

The following three years the concept – including recipes, interior design, and the flagship store in central Stockholm – was developed.

The result? An outstanding restaurant with healthier fast-food where the customer can eat everything from the well-known eggs benedict to the innovative egg pizza that you can’t find anywhere else. Everything served in a joyful setting.

The Eggs Inc. restaurant concept is developed to be managed by franchisees and during 2021 the expansion started to roll out. Now we want to explore every day together with guest all over the world. We can’t wait!


The sustainable and healthy protein

Name a vitamin and it’s almost certain that it’s included in the egg.

It’s truly a superior source of protein and among the most nutritious food you can find. That's why we with confidence can say that we serve healthier fast-food.

Eggs are good for you, and a good alternative when it comes to the planet. For example, when comparing beef and eggs in a climate perspective it’s clear that egg has a far less negative impact. Especially when it comes to the emissions of greenhouse gases. That’s why we, for example, always use local eggs in our restaurants.

Eggs Inc. and all its partners and suppliers will always strive to be good for people, for our industry, and for the planet.

Animal welfare is an important aspect of our sustainable thinking.

At all our locations (owned, operated, franchised, and otherwise) we only use cage free eggs in all of our products, this includes shell eggs, liquid eggs and eggs as an ingredient.

We have also adopted the European Chicken Commitment. We are committed to reach the higher welfare standards by 2026 for 100 % of the chicken meat for all our locations.


The Egg Pizza

One of a kind – try it, you'll like it.

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